Some Really Cool Groomsman Gift Ideas

The groom has a lot of things he needs to remember and take care of before the big day. The ring obviously, the vows, getting there on time (you’d be surprised how many grooms screw THAT one up). But one thing that’s just as important yet not always considered carefully is the gift for the wedding party. The bride usually has an easier time of handling this but groomsmen sometimes have a tougher task ahead of them. They have to think of something to give the best man and the other guys who are part of the wedding party. Not all men are up to the challenge, falling back on some easy gifts like a flask or a money clip. Flasks are for fraternity boys and who the hell uses a money clip anymore?

So let me be of some assistance. There are better, smarter, more refined options out there and they are not hard to find. For example, there are more than a few websites out there that offer personalized bags and luggage. Travel and gym bags never go out of style and can always be used by the guys in your party. They can even use them coming back from the wedding if it’s shindig they have to travel far away to attend.

Grills are always a good idea as well. Portable ones are the way to go, you’re not buying each of them a huge gas grill that runs upwards of $300 with a side smoker. Give them something easy to take along when they go camping or stick it on the back patio deck. If your boys have grills already get them grilling tools packages that come with high-quality, maybe even personalized, spatula and tongs.

Speaking of tools, there’s nothing more masculine than power tools. If your buddies are handy around the house and know their way around a home improvement store, then get them a tool set. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as it will empower them to make something with their hands and even fix stuff around the house, so the spouses in their lives will likely appreciate the gift as well. There are a lot of different options but you can’t go wrong with a combo kit like the one you’ll find here: They come with a drill and an impact driver, both of which will provide hours of reliability for every improvement project.

Cufflinks are a good idea as well. Sophisticated, unique, and classic. But then not every man wears french cuffs. Lighters or cigar holders are also a specialized item that would really only appeal to men who like to smoke cigars. If your buddy is a three pack a day smoker, I don’t think getting him a lighter is a great call. Get him some nicotine patches to help him quit instead.