Phenix Marble Quarry

The ghost town of Phenix, Missouri is located in Greene County, close to Ash Grove. Phenix was a company town that existed for the sole purpose of mining marble and limestone from the adjacent quarry. It was unique in that the town had a library, an orchestra, movies, and a church with a full-time minister. Oddly enough, Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde fame also attended elementary school here for a time. Today, the quarry is still in use for crushed stone and a few of the old buildings still remain, but the town itself has ceased to exist. Of particular interest at this site are the original lime kilns and the remains of a once-thriving company town (with a population of approximately 500) that disappeared during the Great Depression.

Marble from this quarry was used to build the Missouri State Capitol, the New York Stock Exchange, San Francisco's Russ Building, the Petroleum Securities building in Los Angeles, Kansas City's Southwestern Bell Telephone Building, the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City, other well-known buildings across the United States.






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