My Dream Travels Around Asia

There are a lot of things I want in this world. Enough money that I don’t have to every worry about working again, a sudden ability to play football at the highest level, and a hairline which is not receding half as quickly as my current one is would be nice. However, the one thing I want most is so much more attainable and it is to plan and then go on my dream trip all around Asia with my better half.

Asia is a region of the world I have never been to but always been fascinated by. Ever since I was younger and in school I had a certain panache for Geography and from those days onwards I loved learning about new and exciting places. When I discovered Asia in these books the colours and history of the region almost jumped off of the page and if my 11 year old self could have booked a plane ticked I am fairly certain I would have there and then! It is a region which has kept me interested for the last 11 years, and now I am finally old enough I am able to plan my dream trip out!

Every holiday starts with the boring and practical elements. You have to find the right flights at the right price and then also book hotels in each of the places you will be staying in. This is not exactly exciting and this is why I am going to do my best to leave all of this to my girlfriend to do. I am going to take charge of the much more exciting stuff and plan where we will be going. I am not going to do this half heartedly. We intend to spend around 6 months travelling around the region and as a result we will be able to visit loads of different countries. On the list are:


China is a country which is so rich in history that it would take a whole lifetime to explore it properly. You have the Great Wall, the wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else (Giant Panda’s), the terracotta army, Chinese New Year and of course the food. The country is absolutely huge, so whichever part of it we did decide to visit would not even make a dent in all of the possible places we could go to but you have to start somewhere!


Thailand is another country which has an incredibly rich and diverse history. There are temples dotted all over the place in this rich and welcoming land and I want to go and explore than all. What Thailand is perhaps most famous for is its beaches and this will of course be another addition to the to do list. Their full moon parties are legendary and a must do as we a re flying half way around the world! Thai food is something that I have only gotten into recently, and the chance to try it out in the country of its origin is something I wouldn’t dream of missing out on. This way there is less cleaning too, as I wouldn’t be on washing up duty like I am when we have Thai at home!


Now this is a little bit of a more left field shout. The reason I would want to travel to Borneo is because of its most famous resident. The Orangutans which inhabit the island are slowly dying out (thanks to humans) and I want the chance to see them before they disappear altogether. There are a number of Orangutan sanctuaries out in Borneo but the one I would want to visit is the Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary. There are roughly 200 Orangutans here and when at the sanctuary you can assist the keepers in making new and exciting enrichment for the Great Apes and watch them as they go through the different stages of forest school. I would feel bad if I did not give a shout out to the second cutest animal on the island as well, and if we make it over to Borneo we will pay lots of attention to the Sun Bears as well!


I did not want to bore you all so this is only a tiny portion of what we will be getting up to on our Asian adventure. There are so many other countries that did not get a shout out in this piece like Japan, India, Cambodia and Indonesia but if I had written about them too we would be here until next week! There is so much to explore in the Far East that I recommend having a look yourself and following in our trail.