Following Your Dreams No Matter What

All my life I wanted to be a musician. There’s just something about music that I have always been attracted to. Even when I was a kid, I bought all kinds of music. Rock, pop, country, I dabbled in all the genres to explore and open up my musical horizons, knowing that some day it would be me recording these things. I would make the Billboard Top 100. I knew what that was by the time I was 7 and I wanted to be on it. That meant people buying my music, listening to it on the radio. I used to have my Mom take me to the recoird store whenever I had the chance. Most kids my age were wasting their lives away playing video games or getting into whatever the new fad was at the moment. I avoided Pokemon. I had other things to do. I was always writing songs, learning how to create music. I got a guitar. It wasn’t the greatest ax I’d ever seen, but as a first timer it was good enough. I bought it at a pawn shop for eighty bucks. It wasn’t like it is today, where you can go on the Internet and check out a website like to compare the best models that fit your budget. It was much different then. Sure you can still buy a guitar at the local pawn shop but when you have actual experts telling you the difference between one brand and another, it’s much more informative and useful to a kid who’s just starting to chase his dream of musical stardom.

I’m much older now and, as you might have guessed, I never did make it as a big time rock star. That’s not to say I gave up my passion for music. I don’t think you can ever lose that, it just fits differently in your life as you grow older and mature. The things that are important change as you age and in my case, I sought out a life with more stability than that associated with a musician. I did the whole “suffering for my art” thing in my teens and twenties but I guess I didn’t suffer enough or maybe the suffering wasn’t worth the effort. I’ll never really know, but I’m happy with the journey that my life has taken me on. Now I have a son, who has also shown a healthy interest in music. He even wants to be a musician himself some day and you can bet I’m trying to help him foster that interest. How do you think I know about I did my research when it came time to get him his own guitar. I still have that beat up old pawn shop relic but I felt he needed his own. I tried my hand at becoming a musician and did okay for the most part. Never became famous or anything but I had a lot of fun. Now it’s his turn and I wanted him to start fresh, with his own equipment, get him on the right track from the beginning.

They say parents should be careful not to live vicariously through their children but I can’t help but feel just a little bit of electric enthusiasm when he practices his guitar. Sure I probably intervene just a bit more than I should, give him unsolicited advice and not very helpful tips on how to play certain chords and notes but, hey, I’m his Dad and I’m excited for him! It’s pretty cool that my kid wants to learn the guitar and I only want to encourage him. That’s something I never had when I was his age. My own father didn’t want me to be a musician or learn music. Heck I bought the guitar without him knowing about it. He found it weeks later and just scoffed at me and my silly whims. I’m not going to scoff at my boy, if he wants to learn how to play the guitar then I’m going to support him in that endeavor, every step of the way. That’s my job as a Dad and one time former wannabe musician.