Do you ever stop to smell the roses?

What is your favourite smell? It isn’t too much of a personal question but it is one that can still say a lot about you. For a lot of people it may be freshly cut grass or rain as it hits the ground on a warm summer’s day. For others it might be their favourite food cooking away on the hob, but for many people up and down the land their favourite smell is freshly baked bread. You can not beat the sensation of walking past a bakery in the morning and taking in a large breath of that recently cooked creation. It is a popular and powerful enough smell that it is now used to help sell houses! Estate Agents will use the smell of freshly baked bread to entice and ever so slightly seduce new potential buyers into the home they are hoping to sell. It is a long proven and scientific fact that this increases a persons desire to commit to a purchase in this situation, and whilst unless you were part of the study you are unlikely to understand why this is the case, but it is definitely a thing, and how those wizards, or bakers as they prefer to be called, create this heavenly scent with just their bare hands (and occasionally a Dough bread Maker) will continue to be a baffling thing for a long time to come.

Nevertheless, that last paragraph began to digress so let’s get back on track. Smell is one of the most amazing of our senses. Without visually seeing anything in front of your eyes, one smell can conjure up a menagerie of memories and thoughts. You may associate the smell of peaches with a holiday you had a few summers ago, you put the aroma of a certain perfume with an ex girlfriend meaning a trip to the perfume shop can mean either happy or some sad memories, or maybe you associate the smell of freshly cut grass with your early school years. That is the beauty of smell. Things that may look exactly the same to everybody out there will mean something completely different to each and every person when its smell comes into play. As we all grow at different time, in different places and doing different things our brain begins to associate certain things with each other and once this happens there is no going back!

The other odd thing about smell is how often we take it for granted when other animals wouldn’t dream of doing so. Dogs for example have a sense of smell which is 100’s of times stronger than our own and they never take it for granted. In fact this may be said to be their predominant and favourite sense to use. As soon as a dog steps foot outside you can almost guarantee that its nose will be on the floor and it will be hunting out a scent to go and explore. Using a sense of smell to such a level of advantage is not just restricted to the canines in the animal world. Sharks are another animal which use this often maligned and under appreciated sense to their advantage. They can smell one tiny drop of blood in an ocean from miles away and this enables them to zoom in on their prey way before anything else gets the chance to. It is all about gaining a competitive advantage in the animal world and using your sense of smell is just one way to do this.

If animals can do this then there is no reason as to why you can’t too. If you head off out into the world and open your mind (as well as your nostrils) then you may begin to experience things in a slightly different manor. You will notice more and more in your everyday life and may even begin to appreciate the little things like flowers blooming and grass being mown. It is not a big step to take, but it is one that might make a big difference to your life should you choose to do it. Wake up and smell the coffee!