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Pros and cons of gym membership


TV, movies and magazines all tell us that being a member of a gym is as much a part of being a grown up as having a bank account, drinking coffee or complaining about work. It’s something that’s expected of us – we have to talk about our gym, our PT (don’t ever say ‘personal […]

Is your home harming your health?

home harming your health

Studies have shown that the air we breathe at home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. And yet we usually feel that, at home, we are in our ‘safety zone’ – pollution is something that happens outside, along with accidents and other nasty things. Well, this is not the […]

Where your house is letting you down

Where your house

It’s often much easier to say what we like and dislike about other people’s houses than our own. This becomes even truer the longer we have lived in our own house. We become so familiar with its quirks and so used to the décor and fixtures that we’re not sure if we haven’t changed them […]

My Dream Travels Around Asia

Travels Around Asia

There are a lot of things I want in this world. Enough money that I don’t have to every worry about working again, a sudden ability to play football at the highest level, and a hairline which is not receding half as quickly as my current one is would be nice. However, the one thing […]

Following Your Dreams No Matter What

Following Your Dreams

All my life I wanted to be a musician. There’s just something about music that I have always been attracted to. Even when I was a kid, I bought all kinds of music. Rock, pop, country, I dabbled in all the genres to explore and open up my musical horizons, knowing that some day it […]

Do you ever stop to smell the roses?

smell the roses

What is your favourite smell? It isn’t too much of a personal question but it is one that can still say a lot about you. For a lot of people it may be freshly cut grass or rain as it hits the ground on a warm summer’s day. For others it might be their favourite […]

Finding space in small apartments

Finding space in small apartments

As property prices continue to rise and demand continues to exceed supply in the housing market, it seems inevitable that more and more people, especially first-time buyers and many renters will have to make do with less and less space. Even the cost of renting a one-bedroom studio in the outer suburbs of London has […]

Some Really Cool Groomsman Gift Ideas

Groomsman Gift Ideas

The groom has a lot of things he needs to remember and take care of before the big day. The ring obviously, the vows, getting there on time (you’d be surprised how many grooms screw THAT one up). But one thing that’s just as important yet not always considered carefully is the gift for the […]