Month: May 2016

My Dream Travels Around Asia

Travels Around Asia

There are a lot of things I want in this world. Enough money that I don’t have to every worry about working again, a sudden ability to play football at the highest level, and a hairline which is not receding half as quickly as my current one is would be nice. However, the one thing […]

Following Your Dreams No Matter What

Following Your Dreams

All my life I wanted to be a musician. There’s just something about music that I have always been attracted to. Even when I was a kid, I bought all kinds of music. Rock, pop, country, I dabbled in all the genres to explore and open up my musical horizons, knowing that some day it […]

Do you ever stop to smell the roses?

smell the roses

What is your favourite smell? It isn’t too much of a personal question but it is one that can still say a lot about you. For a lot of people it may be freshly cut grass or rain as it hits the ground on a warm summer’s day. For others it might be their favourite […]